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Create your own sacred space

Our chakras are ultimately driven by our own energies; and since our home is an extension of our self, they are also accurately represented within our space. And just like in our bodies, it’s important for the chakras in our homes to stay happy and healthy. This does not mean we need to redecorate from scratch; we simply need to give each chakra zone the proper care and respect.

By using the power of intention, you can spiritually clean your home clearing nay negative and stale energy that linger from past arguments and illnesses. Using candles, sage, or incense—or by creating an intention while performing basic cleaning tasks.  For instance when you clean the kitchen you are connecting, clearing, and opening energetic blocks to your heart center. Cleaning the bathroom helps to open your solar plexus center, and so on.  So there is a specific yoga for cleaning.

Whether or not you perform a spiritual cleansing during your weekly cleaning routine, it’s always a good idea to give your entire home a thorough energetic cleaning a couple of times a year to cultivate wellbeing and balance. Understanding  how each room in your house relates to your chakra system is useful in doing this.

Here are a few tips on how to go about this

  • Set your intention for cleaning, clearing, protection, and blessings
  • Use sound, scent, and nature to help elevate the energy level in your home
  • Create a special space in your home to sit with yourself and give reverence everything that you have and love

Natural, Safe and Free of Toxins

All our products have all been selected carefully to be natural, toxin-free and have as little impact on the environment as possible. So they are both good for you and the planet Earth!

Inspiring ideas

Tao Crafts UK objective is not only provide you with a one-stop-shop for excellent, natural and craft materials but also to guide, inspire you with ways to use them to cultivate peace, wellbeing, good health and happiness in yourself, home and give reverence and honour to environment we all live in.

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